Iranian Spring is a small book I made together with a fellow student in a storytelling minor. The assignment was telling a story on a chosen subject. The medium for telling this story could be digital or analog.

We chose to tell the story of Iranian women. The history of women's rights in Iran and the story of the protests that have erupted all over the country since the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

In the book we visually convey Iran's history using illustrations combined with copyrighted images. For this reason I can only show a very limited amount of spreads on this website.
The book is divided into four chapters, containing four different era's of women's rights in Iran. From a relatively free Iran, to the Iranian revolution of 1979, and the time since.

In the beginning of each chapter, we created spreads that symbolize the state of women's rights in Iran in that specific time period, using different pieces of torn paper and the black/white contrast it provides.
Concept / Design
Emi Brok
Concept / Design
Joost Smeets
Rob Delsing
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