In a graphic design focussed schoolproject we got the assignment to (re)brand a real or fictional brand, company or institution. Since I was doing research on the Museum of Natural History Maastricht in a different course, I chose to rebrand this important, underrated and very interesting museum in Maastricht.
The Museum of Natural History Maastricht has an important collection of archeological findings from many different time periods. A visitor is transported through these different time periods, spanning millions of years. These time periods are visualized by layers of different rock-formation in the earth's crust, in which the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and other animals were found and are now displayed in the museum. It was this concept of different layers in the ground, visualising the different time periods, that I wanted to be central in this rebranding.

I did this by using a set of slanted stripes, and using these as a graphic element finding it's way in all promotional products.
The assignment was focussed only on graphic design, the concept of the fictional rebranding did not have extensive research behind it.
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Eric Sleijpen
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